Coolest travel + food video ever

Coolest travel + food video ever

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The Perennial Plate tours Vietnam, capturing some killer food footage.

WARNING: Do not watch if you are hungry and without easy access to Vietnamese food.

If there’s an established “food / travel show” formula, this isn’t it. It’s missing the talking-head intros, the TV personality joking around the chef’s kitchen while he either starts a fire on the creme brulee or critiques the chef’s demi-glace. And there’s no host trying to keep a smile on his face while he stuffs his mouth with dan dan mian that he doesn’t like.

This video clearly doesn’t make the cut.

No words. No hosts. No inane babbling about how the food tastes. Just good music and great video showing appetite-whetting food, plus enough footage of the country and its people to give a solid sense of place.

In a beautiful and subtle way, this video just kicked the crap out of an established genre, making me ravenous for both travel and food.

Watch the video: Filipino Street Food Tour in Quiapo Market, Manila Turon, Kwek Kwek, Fried isaw


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