Watch this full screen: All-time Teahupoo + Phantom camera [VID]

Watch this full screen: All-time Teahupoo + Phantom camera [VID]

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Chris Bryan captures rare images of the world’s heaviest wave at 1000 frames per second.

JUST CLICK above and watch in full screen. This was from this past August’s Billabong Pro, during the waiting period.

Video grab from

The Phantom Gold HD can deconstruct movement and wave action, slowing it down, which ironically lets you appreciate the speed and power even more. What’s impossible to feel: the level of commitment these surfers have to let go of the tow rope and drop in to these pits.

My favorite moment is @3:40: wave jacking so hard that it starts blowing the guy right off the wave, but as he’s strapped in, he still hangs on, total survival mode, finding some way to exist inside the chaos for an instant I’m sure he never could’ve imagined.

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